Short writings

by Jonathon Elsom

From that first evening when Muriel and Fay urged him to join the Senior Citizens ballroom dance class David watched the distinguished grey­haired man with envy.Tall and upright,the man’s bearing suggested a life spent in the Services.He was always beautifully turned out in a grey suit or sports jacket and invariably wore a silk tie and matching pocket­ handkerchief.David even wondered if he might be gay,and made a mental note to jettison his own beige cardigan and corduroy trousers for something a little smarter at future classes.

by Karen Lethlean

Perth 1967

You have to understand something about my childhood before I begin to tell about Hilda.My father – what is essential information about him? Wack!The toaster cord hits thin,knobbly kneed legs.‘I already told you,put those bloody books away!’

by Jenni Nixon

We all want Fiona’s hens night to be a glorious success. Trouble is the strippers cancelled, something about a cold,all of them? The restaurant closed,health regulations,and our favourite club shut due to a shooting,can you imagine? I was really stuck two hours before the girls turn up for a great hens night out. So,I dial my friend Mitch.